Bahrain World Trade Centre: taking Sustainable Architecture to Another Level

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Bahrain World Trade Centre

This is yet another architectural marvel from the Middle East that is surprisingly not from Dubai but from the city of Manama on the island of Bahrain.

Bahrain World Trade Centre, another ingenious design from the Bristol based architects, Atkins, is a 240 metre structure comprising of two identical 50-storey, sail-shaped commercial office towers overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Its conspicuously striking features are its three 29 metre diameter horizontal-axis wind turbines that are supported by three 30 metre bridges spanning between the two towers.

The sail-shaped towers and their wind turbines of the Bahrain WTC towers personify the maritime environment of the coastal city of Manama.

Bahrain World Trade Centre - Wind Turbine Blades

The towers’ sail-like shape act as aerofoils that funnel and accelerate wind velocity within the entire structure. The chiselled vertical shape of the towers continuously reduce the pressure so that when combined with the rising velocity of the onshore breeze at increasing heights, an almost equivalent amount of wind velocity on each turbine can efficiently generate to power the buildings’ generators.

The Bahrain World Trade Centre is the world’s first building to incorporate large scale integrated wind turbines which will generate 11-15% of the energy requirements of the two towers.

Construction of Bahrain World Trade Centre was completed in March 2007 and is currently in full use.

2006 Construction Photos

Current Photos of the Towers

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  1. March 24th, 2008 at 19:28
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    Beautiful Architecture! It kind of resembles a sailboat!

  2. gwthompson
    April 11th, 2008 at 06:17
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    the fact that there is in the middle east the kind of money available to construct such visionary structures, while most of the population is living in 3rd world poverty and killing one another in the name of whatever god they worship, speaks to some kind of morale and ethical hypocrisy…..unbelievable.

    May 11th, 2008 at 13:12
    Reply | Quote | #3

    There is nuthin great about this building. It simply takes its inspiration from a Windmill. The whole idea of generating power with wind in the middle east seems strange. The best source of energy in the middle east is fossil fuel and the best/abundant clean source is the sun itself. Its absurd to depend upon a source that is seasonal and mild. Besides as mentioned only 10-15% of the energy need is met. I wonder, had they used solar cell cladding instead of plain glazing, they would have generated power for the whole building during most of the day time operation. By the way, how do they store this energy?…Overall, the whole ‘turbine on building’ idea is just an old idea stretched/scaled vertically.

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