Olympic Stadium Designs, And The Winner Is…!

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With the Olympic flame well on it’s way on the journey to Beijing, organizers are gearing up for the big event when the doors open on August 8th. – 24th 2008. With a little over 120 days to go until the gates open to the Olympic stadium, much will have to be done.

Despite all the action that is yet to come we wanted to take a look behind the scenes and see where this all started.

When a city gets awarded with the coveted prestige of hosting the Olympic Games, architects and planners run amok for some time to design the best possible structure to hold masses of people.

Not only do these structures have to look modern, sophisticated and cool, but they also have to be safe.

The 13 contenders

All in all, there were 13 design proposals for the design of the Olympic Stadium.

No doubt each of them holds its own in regards to looks and functionality and we can imagine how much sweat and work went into each of these designs.

Please join us as we take a closer look at each of these and learn a little more before we reveal the winner.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 1

Beijing 2008 Olympics Stadium Design 1

The idea behind this theme was to create a simple bridge between new and old, country and people and the world with China as a nation. With inbuilt innovation and great views from every seat, this design is able to hold a total of 200,000 spectators.

The roof is created with the image of two single leaves and people could actually mingle on top of the roof after the games as some kind of tourist attraction.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 2

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 2

Resembling a floating water lily, this design is surrounded by an imaginary pond, petals and blossoms. The design can be de assembled after the games and used as a unique leisure park.

The 45 degree slanted outer glass skin encircles the stadium like a giant skin, offering thermal protection in a peaceful, yet dynamic form. The roof is especially notable since it can be opened to a diameter of 130 meters.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 3

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 3

Compared to B01 this stadium only offers room for some 100,000 spectators. With a roof that spans some 99 meters into the air from the competition pitch, this design resembles another kind of pod. The roof is made of several free flowing forms with Teflon coated Fiberglas and can be opened in different ways to allow for all kind of weather.

With the transparency of the roof petals, plenty of natural light flows into the stadium.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 4

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 4

One of the key points of this design is multi functionality after the games are over. When the roof is open, the whole open air area is some 32,000m2. Due to the membrane used this stadium would offer economy and value for money for any future redevelopments.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 5

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 5

Flexibility and easy access to roads was made possible with this design because of its two tiered construction. All tiered seats have fantastic views of the athletes. With incorporated restaurants and future plans for family dining and picnic areas, this design has been created with durability and low maintenance in mind.

The stadium sits 100,000 people. It’s main operable roof panels are made up of six moving elements and twelve telescopic roof rail trusses.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 6

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 6

This design has something very special right at the very top. It is called a Sky Terrace and will enable spectators to climb to the very top of the stadium and see the world from a different perspective.

The whole design has been proposed to be earthquake sound and provide economic and durable qualities. The roof structure consists of a series of trusses supported by four giant trussed-towers, which in turn support the two primary trusses.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 7

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 7

Aiming for a green legacy this stadium design looks as if it was flown in from outer space. Consisting of two separate playing fields that can be changed fast and often if needed the idea behind this was to allow for high quality soccer field turf while not interrupting other type of sports at the same time.

The resulting double “pod” design is encapsulated in a two panel spiral rotating shell retractable roof geometry patented in the United States. The unique roof design can be opened or closed in speeds up to 50km/hour within 35-40 minutes.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 8

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 8

Symbolizing the great nature of the earth, this design is set against a dreamlike landscape made up of clouds, green hills and sunshine. The stadium holds 100,000 people who can enter and exit all at the same time.

This is pretty ingenious from an organizers point of view. The stadium can also be dismantled after the game and turned in to a museum or sports club instead.

The auditorium alone consists of three layers.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 9

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 9

Starship command to Enterprise, this is Captain Kirk speaking… If this design doesn’t resemble a starship , then we don’t know. The key point of this stadium is clearly the 200m high tower. The tower itself is surrounded by four windmills which are capable of generating enough power to feed all the needed electricity to the tower.

The design also allows plenty of natural light to filter through.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 10

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 10

Designed to look a little like heaven and earth, this stadium acts a little like a celestial vault for the Universe. What’s really nice is the fact that the roof consists of five circles that not only reflect the five elements of the Chinese philosophy, but also the five Olympic rings.

The translucent and retractable materials used for the roof allow for plenty of natural light within the stadium during the day time and will minimize light consumption up to 50%.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 11 THE Winner!

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 11 (Winner)

The stadiums structure is a concession of interwoven facade that resembles something like a birds nest. This creates a unique and radical appearance never seen before anywhere else.

The huge vessel is striking and will be remarkable to look at from any angle. To further help to create a bird nest look, the spaces between the structural elements are filled with ETFE cushions.

With plenty of sunlight filtering through, the roof closes when rain arrives and completes the overall picture.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 12

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 12

The ancient ritual of “throwing jade in the water” inspired this design. This is a stadium designed for athletes allowing them easy access from their accommodation quarters as well as warm up areas.

The unique suspending retractable roof is stunning to look at, creating a massive focal point.

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 13

Olympics Stadium Design Proposal 13

From far away this stadium looks like a giant passenger ship, kind of like the Titanic. It harmonizes the earth and the people with a massive 180m roof span. This is a people watcher stadium designed to allow everybody to watch everybody.

The roof is controlled by air pressure. The structural system adapts to the opening and closing of the roof and offers plenty of light.

In conclusion

All of these 13 designs are spectacular in their own right. The amount of calculation that must have been going into them is staggering and all architects involved deserve their own medal before the games even started.

As you probably saw, the winner was B11. If you have followed the news lately you would have already seen this amazing structure being built.

We shall look in amazement on what Beijing offers to the world and if you are lucky enough, you might even be part of this exciting spectacle.

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  7. manjeet
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    well by seeing the picture i came to a conclusion that you people are really efficient of doing such type of things in less period of time. i appreciate u guys for your work. chinese zindabad….

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  10. Stefan
    August 22nd, 2008 at 12:53

    Obviously I was aware of the winning design “The Bird’s Nest”.

    But this is the first time I get to see all those other amazing stadium designs. They are all great designs !!!

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    number 7 is king abdullah stadium, jeddah, saudi arabia

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