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Not content with building the largest building in the World, Russia has unveiled plans for an even more ambitious project in the black Sea.

 Clearly, the Russians have decided that Dubai cannot have all the glory and are determined to show they can go one better than the World project.

Federation Island will be built in the shape of the Russian Federation and will attempt to re-create the country’s geographical features, including rivers and mountains.

The plan is to complete construction before the 2014 winter Olympics.

Eventually, the accommodation available will include a wide variety of structures including luxury villas, beach houses, apartments, shops and offices. Plus, we assume, a few hotels. There are plans for dunes, grassland, small forests and of course, Oceanside properties.

Federation island has been designed by Dutch architect, Erick van Egeraat and will be overseen by M-Industries of St. Petersburg. The construction will be undertaken by Witteveen & Bos and the initial dredging by Van Oord Dredging and Marine. The Abu Dhabi company, Allied Business Consultants is investing somewhere in the region of $6.2 billion, although they might find working with Russian labor a little different to their previous experiences.

Sochi itself is a well established resort city with a humid subtropical climate – almost unheard of for Russia. It’s fair to say the infra structure is not quite up to Olympic requirements and the Russian government is scrambling to bring them up to date with an investment of over $1 billion on the electrical system alone

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