Songjiang Hotel - Paradise set in a Deep Quarry

Songjiang hotel deep water-quarry hotel

Its developments like this that make us love what we do – write about off beat property developments.

Songjiang hotel is a jaw dropping highly innovative design of a 400-bed, five-star resort hotel set in a lush deep, water-filled quarry in the Songjiang district of China (close to Shanghai). This impressive concept conceived by Bristol based Atkins Design Studio, was inspired by the natural water and landscape features of the quarry it is to be set in.

Songjiang hotel deep water-quarry hotel (night)

The structure’s foundation would be laid into the 100 metre deep quarry and sprout out two levels higher than the rock face of the quarry. This would enable it afford several underwater public areas, restaurants and guestrooms facing a ten-metre deep aquarium, that would present an enviable aquatic design theme both visually and functionally.

Whilst the hotel’s lowest level will contain a leisure complex with a swimming pool and water-based sports facilities, the highest level over the quarry accessible by special lifts from the water level would be a venue of an extreme sports centre for activities such as rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Other facilities would include a conference hall to accommodate up to 1,000 people, restaurants, cafés, sports facilities & a banqueting centre.

What tops the icing on the cake for us are its green credentials; Songjiang hotel would use green roofing on its structures above ground level and also use geothermal energy.

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12 Responses to “Songjiang Hotel - Paradise set in a Deep Quarry”

  1. 1 dagfooyo

    That’s amazing - I want to go there. I’ve always thought quarries were beautiful and underutilized places.

  2. 2 Matarkluddur

    Hæ Lóa hvernig er 5 apríl hjá þér Anna er upptekin 4 apríl.
    kveðja Lára

  3. 3 Matarkluddur

    Hæ Doris hvernig er 5 apríl hjá þer Anna er upptekin 4 apríl.
    Kveðja Lára

  4. 4 Bassbone_mh

    Absolutely astounding ! If only we in America could develop and work so harmoniously with nature! To take a blight that we’ve created and turn it into something of function and beauty would be something to be proud of.

  5. 5 ross

    Yah another GREAT idea from China! Lets build a shit hotel and throw it into a crappy looking hole full of water! Ohhhh, under-water restaurants! to look at what? underwater rocks and spilled toxic materials from the feds?


  6. 6 wareq

    Think twice before you post, Ross.
    It’s an interesting idea - over here it’d probably turn into a makeshift dump or swimming hole.
    Also, for the benefit of some of the 99.99% of humanity that doesn’t know Icelandic, could you repeat what you said, Matarkludder?

  7. 7 Chukka Sachs

    I don’t know; it’s a lovely science fiction idea, but I’m guessing that it will cost a LOT of money to stay there, more than many Chinese earn in their lifetimes, perhaps. Certainly more than in a year. And however much in harmony with nature we may idealize the Chinese as being, their coal-fired plants argue differently. And we are talking a brutal dictatorship, with huge disparities of wealth. So despite the beauty, I find the idea a bit queasy-making. (No, I don’t know why I didn’t use nauseating. It didn’t feel right.)

    And why won’t we accept Icelandic? If it was good enough for Burnt Njal, why not for the rest of us?

    This is the translation I got from a web-based translator: Hi Nap how is 5 April with your - annar is engaged 4 April. say goodbye Lára

    Probably not worth translating. Perhaps entered by mistake.

  8. 8 ross


    I refuse to let pee pants let me down NAHHH MEAN?

  9. 9 Michelle

    Actually both China and Russia have rapidly growing middle classes with a lot of discretionary income despite the fact that both countries still have very repressive governments. Frankly, their economies are doing far better than the U.S. economy right now.

    With regard to their lack of environmental concern, China (and India, which also has a growing, prosperous middle class)is just following in the footsteps of of all the “western” nations that went down this road before them. More discretionary income = demand for consumer goods (plasma TV, Xbox 360, computer, cell phone, car, etc.) = need for electricity and gas = development of fast and cheap (and polluting) sources of energy, longterm consequences be damned. We weren’t any smarter when we were in that stage of economic development. What the U.S. can do right now is develop and offer economically viable energy alternatives, both for our benefit and theirs. We’re ahead of China, Russia and India in the alternative energy game because, finally, we care enough to invest in it. They’re still enjoying all the bright shiny objects which are so new to them and so distracting — and still are to many Americans, too.

  10. 10 Rivensteel

    Ross actually has a reasonable point. Mines tend to be very dirty, dangerous places. Falling rock, waste chemicals from ore processing, you name it. Unless it is some kind of magical sparkling mine or they put a massive amount into reclamation and cleanup, I’m not sure the idea is going to fly.

  11. 11 jon

    some place in it
    would like if my company got the mech/elec design for it hehe

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